About Me

Hey, this is Mono. Welcome,my new friend. Please don’t wonder what does “Mono” mean. It’s just a name, a code or a lable. By the way, you can also call me Monono, as one of my friends said it’s like singing a song(Monica, sung by Leslie Cheung).

Maybe you would be interested to these below:

Personal information

  • From Hunan, I have a heart for spicy food.
  • Studying and working in Guangzhou over 7 years makes me a stomach for Cantonese cuisine.
  • I’ve been working as a HR in manufacturing industries.(Resigned now)
  • Working hard to be a long-termist and minimalist……

Motto: Think big, do small, learn fast.

What do I focus on now?

The wheel of my life:

About tools

Task manager: Ticktick(Chinese version)

Knowledge manager: Flomo, Mindmaster and Notion

Email: imono@qq.com You are welcome to write to me.

Please feel free to leave any comments here.